Hi, I am Jordan Pantoja.

I am a wedding photographer based in Louisville, KY. I am a mama to two of the sweetest girls on Earth, two of the most adorable goldens, and I am a creative at heart.

I first started shooting photography in high school, developing film in a darkroom. Although I ended up earning my degree in Accounting from University of Louisville, I ended back behind the lens once I graduated. What started as a hobby has led to my career and I am so glad it did!

One question I get asked all the time: "What is your shooting style?" I aim to make photos that are timeless. I don't want you to go back in twenty years and think that your photos had a dated look. I try to keep the colors true to life while somewhat soft and romantic. While I make sure to get the traditional poses that family will want to hang on a wall, I really love to shoot candids with story and movement. I love playing with natural light and the warmth a good golden hour can give, yet I know when and how to use light when indoors. I want my couples to look natural and unposed and feel that I captured their love that they felt in those moments.